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The weather in Greater Chicago can go to extremes; from the bitter cold of winter to the hot and humid days of summer. This extremes mean energy usage and energy expenses.

At Comfort Keepers, we are always searching the “HVAC World” to bring our valued customers innovative ideas to save you money and to reduce your household energy usage. We are pleased to introduce Arzel® Zoning Technology, Solar Fans and HVAC Smart Chips.

Arzel® Zoning Technology

Why Heat or Cool Unused Rooms?

Comfort Keepers, Inc. is pleased to install Arzel’s unique zoning technology with specialized zone thermostats that can regulate household temperatures in as many as 8 separate zones.

This technology enables you to heat or cool the areas you need and to cut off the areas you don’t, by linking the thermostats to dampers in the ductwork. For example, with the Arzel Zoning Technology, upstairs bedrooms can be centrally cooled on hot summer nights, while a basement recreational room would not receive cool air at all.

Arzel means your household saves energy and reduces energy costs. Please contact Comfort Keepers for more information on this unique way to save money.


Solar Fans

Yellowblue™ Solar Fans: Solar Energy at it Most Practical

At Comfort Keepers, we’ve worked on many Chicago-area homes and businesses over the past 30 years that have wanted to discuss the merits of solar energy with us. While we feel the jury is still out on energy panels, there are certain solar products that we feel are terrific and at the top of the list are Yellowblue solar fans. To be sure, there are many solar fans on the market, but we feel this is the best.

As its name implies, a solar fan derives its operating energy from the sun. They are mounted on the roof and in winter they draw moisture out of the attic to prevent mold and mildew and in the summer, they remove the heat from attics and crawl spaces.

Yellowblue solar fans are the most durable of any made. They have no plastic parts and pose no fire hazards. They are built to last and carry a limited lifetime warrantee. They are designed to have the highest air flow of any solar fans on the market. Best of all, they really work.

In terms of cost, once a Yellowblue solar fan is installed it costs nothing to operate – and these fans have been in place in some residences for years. Installation of a solar fan entitles you to a 30 percent tax credit under the guidelines of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Solar fans represent the continuing evolution of solar energy in the household and Comfort Keepers is pleased to install Yellowblue solar fans throughout Chicago.

Please contact Comfort Keepers for more information on Yellowblue solar fans.

HVAC Smart Chip

HVAC Smart Chip: The Incredible Annual Savings Guarantee

hvacchipThe HVAC Smart Chip is one of the few products Comfort Keepers has ever installed where the manufacturer guarantees that if the product does not save your household money after a year, they will buy it back! The product also carries a 60 day money back guarantee (no questions asked) and a 5 year unconditional replacement.

The Smart Chip was developed because engineers realized that 40 percent to 45 percent of all of your household costs were due to your energy usage – and they tried to figure out why. What they realized was that HVAC manufacturers had set up the fan cycles of central heating and cooling systems for an “average home.” However, with weather conditions like we have in Greater Chicago, we are hardly average. In winter, when the fan shuts down in most cycles there is still heat in the system that never gets to the rooms, and in the summer, when the fan shuts down there is still cool air in the system.

The HVAC Smart Chip that Comfort Keepers can install extends the fan cycle – and in doing so, saves you between 15 percent and 29 percent in energy costs per month! The HVAC Smart Chip programs your system for your unique needs.

The HVAC Smart Chip is compatible with all HVAC systems and it does not affect any warrantees in place on your system.